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Following are some Pictures from various trips -Rick-

A picture of a white Singapore type plant with narrow pedaled flowers collected from Oman on March 8, 2000 (I named it "Star of Oman)

Plumeria SeedsPlumeria - Egypt
Venezuela This cemetery was full of beautiful healty white Plumeria. Check out the size of the trunk of the tree in the picture on the right (This is the source of the "Venesuelan Snowball")

Plumeria CaracasPlumeria Caracas

Venezuela - Nice hedge, It is over two stories high Venezuela - The neighborhood is full of beautiful homes. Right in the middle of the homes is this shack. But, he has the Plumeria. It is a beautiful pink one. The flowers look a bit like a poppy. (I named it after my Wife "Nannette")

Plumeria - BaliPlumeria - Bali

Bali - This is one of my favorite pictures. The trees are three Singapore whites. I don't need to comment on the size or potential age of the trees. The photo speaks for itself Bali - This is a red Plumeria. Can you count all of the seed pods?

Plumeria - EgyptPlumeria - Saigon
Elephantine Island - Egypt. Me and my Daughter Sariah. My wife, daughter and I walked down the whole path looking for Plumerias of the size we see at home. It was not until we got to the end of the path that we realized that we had been walking under mature Plumeria the whole time. A Singapore in Saigon. This picture was given to me by Lap.

Forbidden Plumeria, Frangipani,City, Beijing, China
Forbidden City, Beijing, China Oct. 11, 1999 Plumeria are where you find them. I also went to the Botanical Gardens to look for tropical plants but the tropical plant building was closed for remodeling.

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