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Plumeria, Frangipani P. "Ammarons Curly White
Photograph of P. "Ammarons' Curly White" Grown from seed..
Brother plant to P. "Sariahs' Curly Pink" shown on the technical information page

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"You can't enjoy Plumeria, if you don't know about Plumeria"
This website is for the enjoyment of the international society of people interested in all things relating to Plumeria or, Frangipani. You will find lots of links on these pages. It is our desire that the information located here be as useful as possible. There is very little printed information on growing Plumeria. Please post questions or comments on the bulletin board. Write a little bit about your experiences or send us some pics. - This is your website. We are just the keepers.Contributions and suggestions are encouraged.

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I am sorry But this years workshop is cancelled due to business requirements. If possible we will try to reschedule it for the end of September or early October. If that is not possible, then We will reschedule it for next year.

PLUMERIA WORKSHOP - Saturday August 4, 2007 - Southwest Houston, Texas
We will be hosting our 11th annual Plumeria Workshop in our yard on Saturday August 4, 2007. It will last most of the day. It is a chance for Plumeria enthusiast with many different experiences to get together and swap stories and experiences. This is a chance to have technical discussions and hands on experiences on cultivating Plumeria. Learn how, why and when to cut your Plumeria. Seeds and Soils. Watering and wintering. Fertilizers and pest control. Come to share or come to learn. All are welcome from those who are just interested in Plumeria to those with years of experience. If you are interested in attending please send us an email. About two weeks before the workshop we will email details to all who show an interest. Come by and visit for a few minutes or stay all day.
Note: We have been asked about doing a spring workshop this year (2007). We will have no time this year to do a spring workshop. We are in charge of the 2007 Frangifest II in Singapore and Bali (see Below) and so will take up all our time.

New New Frangifest 2007 will be held in Singapore and Bali, Indonesia from March 24th through April 1, 2007. This is the second Frangifest, the first was held on the Gold Coast of Australia, just South of Brisbane and was organized by the Frangipani Society of Australia. Frangifest 2007 is being organized by us, the Virtual International Plumeria Society. You don't have to be an expert on Plumerias to participate. EVERYONE is invited to attend Frangifest 2007. For information regarding cost and schedules visit International Association of Plumeria and Frangipani Societies

Do you use Winamp to play your tunes. If you do here are some skins that might interest you. Winamp Skins

I have built a Plumeria winter greenhouse for years. It is has become complicated lately because of certain building restrictions. I will keep you informed of my progress, if any. For pictures of earlier greenhouses go to >>Visit the Green House -RICK-

Are you looking for a speaker for your garden club or other organization? I have been speaking about Plumeria at clubs and other organizations for over 9 years. Group sizes have varied from as small as 12 to groups of 200 or more. I live in Houston, Texas but am available to travel. If you are interested or have any questions, please send me an email.

How about a quiet dinner at a restaurant, on the patio, surrounded by Plumerias. The restaurant is Patrenella's Italian Restaurant in Houston Texas. For more information and some pictures, Visit Patrenella's

Speaking of food, How about Fried Flowers Check out the Dish or maybe a Salad

Here are some links to find others that love to chat about Plumeria:
Maui Plumeria Garden's Plumeria Forum A great place to chat about anything Plumeria

Or try one of these Yahoo Chat groups:
Plumeria Pals "A mini social group for some gentle souls to talk about their passion: Plumeria, frangipani, West Indian Jasmine... Come talk about the flower of the future, the most incredible plant there is!"
Plumeria "Aloha!. Come and enjoy the beautiful Plumeria, queen of tropical flowers... The Plumeria List is the first and more numerous Plumeria Group at Yahoo! Groups."
Florida Plumeris Society "For the serious and hobbyist collectors of the world's most beautiful blossoms -- Plumeria! Frangipani!"
If you know of any other good chat places, let me know and I will post it here.

OK, Lets have some fun. Have you seen an advertisement that includes Plumeria in part of the picture or design? If so send us a scanned picture, we might make up a little location on the web to display your find. If it was in a publication include the name and date of the publication. Please try to keep the pic size below 100K and perhaps size it so it will fit on the browser page.
Here is my offering to get things started NWA

Now that you are stopping by to check things out on a regular basis, HOW ABOUT SOME PICTURES. I would like to build the CONTRIBUTORS CORNER section. So send me some pics and a little write up about what you have, where you are, etc. Also, for you photo bugs, I'd like to post some pictures of diseases and other problems. So..... send lots of pics and I will post them. If you can't digitize them, let me know and I will give you my address and I will digitize them and post them. NOT MUCH RESPONSE YET, I GUESS I FORGOT THE MAGIC WORDS.....SO..........


Here is a very nice Plumeria Site in French. Unfortunately it is a tripod site so the Altavisa translator takes a dive when you try to translate the page as a URL. However, follow these instructions and you can get anything you want translated. The Plumeria site location is If you need translation to English, use your cursor to highlight the part you want translated and "copy" it. Then go to"paste" the french part into the translation window and then select "French to English" or....French to some other language if English is a problem for you. Then click the translate button. Vola!

Here is what the weather is like in some of my favorite Plumeria collecting locations

Technical Sources & Information on Plumeria VIPS Library includes books and articles about Plumerias. The basic information page contains various articles on growing Plumeria. Articles and notes concerning Light, Water, Soils, Fertilizers, Diseases and other useful Plant care information. So, what do you know about that is not listed here? Tell the rest of us about it. Perhaps you would like to contribute an article for this area - send us an email.

Contributors Corner - Do you have anything regarding Plumeria you would like to share with the world? Check out the contributors pages and then send us your pictures and text and we will make up a page or something using your information.

Plumeria Plant Names - Here you will find a list of Plumeria names and our opinion as to where and when they were first used in print. Have we missed some names? Is the earliest source information wrong? Then send us an email with substantiated additions and corrections.

Other Plumeria Societies- Look here for other Plumeria Societies.

Photo Album- It has been suggested that I post some of the Pictures I get in the emails. OK, here they are. As in a real photo album, they are in no particular order.

Commercial Sources of Plumeria - Thinking about buying some Plumerias? Then check this page. If you sell Plumerias and are not listed here, send us an email.

Areas Where Plumeria are Cultivated - Where in the world do Plumeria grow? Email us with information to add to this page.

Places That Have Plumeria on Display - Going on a trip? Taking a little vacation? Need a break? Where in the world are the Plumerias? Check here. Do you know of a place not listed here? Then, yup you guessed it, send us an email.

Non-English Plumeria Names - How do you say "Plumeria" in other languages? Email us what you know and we will add it to this page.

Plumeria Orientated Web Sites - Look here for interesting Plumeria orientated Web Pages.

Plumeria Historical Information - Look here for interesting Historical information relating to Plumeria. Do you know about something that is not on this page, then send us an email with the information.

Things and Places Named After Plumeria- Look here for interesting things and places named after Plumeria. Do you know about something that is not on this page, then send us an email with the information.

My son has started a website. To help his site move up in the search engines listing, I am listing his site here. If you live in the Houston area and would like to save some money, click here to go to his website - If you don't live in Houston, perhaps you could click anyway, just to give him some hits. Thanks, Rick

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